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:iconjakethechild:JakeTheChild posted a status
Hello all you lovely peeps! I hope you're doing well, ^-^ I just wanna say thank you to all the people who thank me (I know that sounds odd) But every now and then I just love exploring DA and meeting amazing artists and seeing so many beautiful creations and my instant reaction is to always just give something to the people I'm able to, all the art I see makes my eyes feel like they're little eyeball thieves so I try to pay it forward. I never expect something because I've given to others, giving when I'm able to is the joy for me. So if you've ever received anything from me just know it's my way of thanking you so please know you don't have to thank me ^-^' so sorry if this is confuzzling.

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TheKasaiRyuu Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Play Time is ogre sprite 
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